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Delivery time and shipping
Every week all orders posted and paid before Monday evening 22:00 PM, are sent on Wednesday. Delivery is on Thursday and in some cases on Friday.
If your order contains a memorygame, then shipment is on Thursday and delivery on Friday or Saturday.
The shipping costs per order are based on the postal rates associated with the total weight of the order. As indication:
The shipping costs for 1 game to the UK are € 9

What do a Memorygame and Card Deck look like?
A Memorygame game has 40 or 80 more than 1mm thick real solid cardboard cards with rounded corners. Each card is approximately 48 x 48 mm in size. The color printed cards are packed in a luxury silver gift box with easy-to-use hinge cover, with a color print that you make on the cover. There is no advertisement on the game neither on the box, only if you do not upload your own .jpg for the print. The whole is shipped in a sturdy shipping package. A Memorygame has 20 x 2 = 40 cards, a XL Memorygame has 40 x 2 = 80 cards.A Card Deck has 54 cards in the official card game format 56 x 88 mm, made of real playing card card (with a black interlayer so you can not see through the cards) with rounded corners. The 54 cards are printed on the front and the backs in color. The cards are in a custom-made cardboard card box. On the front and back of the box is the color print that you also design yourself when making your card game. There is no advertisement on the game and on the box, only if you do not upload your own .jpg for the backs, Speelkaartenmaken.nl is listed on the default backs. The game is shipped in a white protective shipping envelope.

Can I have my order delivered to someone else as a gift?
Each product is delivered properly and no price information or invoice is included. If you want to send your order to someone and want to be delivered by mail to the person, then fill in the order form next to your address at the delivery address, the address details of that person.

Can I reorder a previously made game?
Once ordered, you can easily reorder previously made games after logging into your account.

Technical Tips
Tips for making a Memorygame
Each image will be automatically adjusted, but if you want to upload exactly the right size to fully fill a card with your image, the resolution of the .jpg you are using should be 300dpi in 54x54mm (= 638x638 pixels). Of this, approximately 3 mm is cut off at all sides, as indicated by the red see-through border when you create your game. The best results will be obtained if you let the image run through under the red border. Keep important parts of your photo and any text at least 2mm of the red border, otherwise it can be cut off. The best fit for the sticker on the can is 161 x 106 mm (with 300dpi being 1902 x 1252 pixels), of which 3 mm around is cut off.
Tips for making a Card Deck
Each image will be automatically resized. For game type Freestyle and the rear, make sure the image runs through under the red border. For the backside the exact fitting image size is 732 x 1110 pixels (= 62 x 94 mm) of which 3mm is cut off on all sides. This also applies to all cards in game type Freestyle.

Payment options
You can pay with Ideal, bank transfer, SOFORT, CreditCard, PayPal, BanContact/MrCash, Bitcoin, Podium, PaySafeCard, KBC and Belfius.

I have another question. Where can I send it?
All your questions can be sent by e-mail to fotocadeaumaken@gmail.com. We always answer every question as soon as possible.